Challenging times call for truly ‘nimble’ content production. The team at Diamond Marketing Group was looking for an innovative production solution to extend their ongoing, customer-focused ‘TD Thanks You’ campaign during a global pandemic. “Production is creative problem solving at its core” says Andrew Lynch, Executive Producer at Nimble Content, “when Diamond approached us with this complex project, we worked together in partnership to create a simplified production process that worked for everyone.”

The solution – 7 docs, shot in 7 cities across Canada and the United States, by 4 directors, feeding 5 editors, in only 5 weeks. Safety protocols were in place. Clients and agency attended many of the shoots remotely thanks to some slick tech that allowed them to tap into the live production to collaborate and approve every take. Editing was happening simultaneously back at Recess Post in Toronto while shoots took place around the continent. Screenings and revisions were also handled remotely. With such a tight schedule, seamless coordination between production and post was key to making deadlines.

Nimble Content, working in tandem with Recess Post showed how the integrated approach to production of the Holiday United Group (HUG) is a simple and effective way to not only shoot in challenging times, but to adapt and maximize the potential of any project. “We looked to partner with a production company that understood in order to achieve this aggressive timeline in a state of a pandemic it would take flexible and solution focused production. Our teams integrated fast and built a strong communication channel from the virtual video village to the ground – we were able to tend to all client needs and pivot fast to change if needed,” says Roma Ahi, head of production at Diamond Marketing Group, “it was a perfect match.”

TD is recognizing and rewarding stand-out inspirational members of their community. These 7 new ‘TD Thanks You’ mini-docs are currently raking up millions of views online together with 15-second spots and digital support.