Fresh from the Canadian Film Centre’s director’s residency program, narrative filmmaker Erica Orofino joins the Nimble Content family.

Erica’s love of working with actors to elicit poignant performances, translates to her lifestyle work. She approaches her projects with a sophisticated arsenal of tools, and has quickly earned a reputation of bringing contemporary and provocative stories to life. Storytelling that moves people.

Having already received extensive critical acclaim, Erica’s work is best known for her powerful and provocative storytelling with arresting yet grounding imagery. “She Keeps Me” won Best Canadian Short Film at Pendance Film Festival in 2022, and “Tampon” scored an Audience Choice Award at Vancouver Short Film Festival in 2020. Her latest film, “Dirty Bad Wrong,” is an exciting breakthrough short, taking audiences on a compelling journey, eliciting powerful emotion in a way so unique to Orofino’s craft. “Dirty Bad Wrong” will premiere in 2024.

Her recent project, “Internet Friend,” was funded by the Ontario and Canada Arts Councils. Her love for horror and dread-soaked tales inform her work, evoking memorable, relatable performances on screen.